Motorcycles Renegade

The Renegade Commando is the star of our portfolio. Facing the homeless Wanderer, the command is the machine for those who like to explore unknown territories, beyond the conventional norms and stereotypes.
The Renegade Sports S is aimed for the urban tourers. It is a machine for those who precariously balance their wild side along with blending in and staying in the shadows of conventional norms. It is for those who live their passion to the fullest, and juggle multiple acts without breaking into a sweat.
Renegade Classic is an all American vintage cruiser full of chrome inspired by the open road. You don’t play by the same rules, you make your own. You don’t drive on the same paths, you carve your own.
A motorcycle created for lovers of adventures, for riders who want to give an adrenaline jolt to their life, Renegade Vegas was designed to mark your name in the city and leave a mark on the road.